Dynamic Know How

BLUTEK is an important player in the introduction of new ideas in the compressed air and nitrogen generation, from the main components till the complete package. Some of those become milestones and are now part of the actual State of the Art worldwide. As BLUTEK is always looking for new technical solutions, the acquired know-how is in continuous evolution, that’s why ‘Dynamic know-how’ describes the passion in giving to customer the best product ever.

From the identification of the customer’s need to the study of the complete plan, from the designing and production of the key components to the assembly of the units, from the tests and the preparation of the customized engineered documentation: the complete process is in our hands.

All equipments realized by BLUTEK are designed using the most innovative 3D CAD solid modellation software and all the tools for the stress calculation such as CFD simulator and FEM software. As integration to the research and development, BLUTEK cooperates with important Laboratories and Universities.

When the products for the general purpose don’t satisfy the customer’s requests, BLUTEK designs and produces the complete package and all critical components suitable for the scope of supply.

Furthermore BLUTEK is flexible on the changes during the execution of the project. This also includes engineered document supply as required for the project.

Every BLUTEK product is designed and manufactured following the highest standards in terms of Safety and Technology. Since compressed air packages are a critical equipment, BLUTEK uses its long experience to achieve the highest reliability and availability.

100% of production is tested following Norm ISO1217 and certified by any third Party inspection.

BLUTEK offers a satisfying support through its network worldwide. Thanks to a flexible organization, BLUTEK is able to provide a quick and accurate support during feed stage, bidding stage, after sales service, commissioning and replacement. This includes our worldwide spare parts supply.

BLUTEK is a passion-animated and independent private owned THE COMPANY having no restrictions in the selection of the parts for the equipments, choosing the most suitable available in the market or suggested by the customers. When not available, BLUTEK is proud to be capable to design and manufacture the proper part.